HERON LTD - Heron Ananeosimes


We ensure Quality by providing High Value Solutions

Our vision is to actively contribute to a society where everyone will enjoy quality of life

Focus on results

HERON RENEWABLES has been distinguished for the optimal execution of the construction projects it undertakes. From the beginning of its operations until today, our company has been dynamically evolving by continuously improving its organizational structure, increasing the level of its experience, and expanding its scope. All the members of our staff have professional experience and exceptional studies. In addition, our company is consistently  investing in the acquisition of excellent equipment.


We realized that in order to provide high quality products and services, the creation and implementation of a sophisticated total quality management system is required. A system that will not be limited to some of our activities, but will cover every business process. Total quality management is the foundation of our company's organizational structure. By supporting the adoption of the most appropriate practices and the utilization of the most suitable tools, we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do.